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About SEO

The organic search listings are what people are clicking on after they do their Google search. Research has found that the vast majority of people who are searching online for a product/service will tend to only go as far as page 3, anything beyond that point has very little to no chance of converting into sales/customers.

SEO services (search engine optimisation) is something that is provided by a lot of digital marketing companies in Glasgow. The SEO services aim to rank websites on the organic search listings which is essentially where you want to be found if you want to drive more customers to your website and build a good reputation online.

Our Company

Here at our company we provide SEO services at our office in Glasgow. We have achieved both local and national rankings for clients in a wide range of sectors in Glasgow and nationwide and have a wealth of experience in this industry.

The more keywords that you are found for the more traffic your website is likely to generate. Of course, the more people that you manage to get on to your website will result in more sales or calls about your products/services. – It is our aim to ensure that you are found for as many keywords that relate to your products/services as we possibly can.

For example, if you were a dentist who wants to be found in Glasgow for “white fillings in Glasgow” or “dentists in Glasgow” then our onsite SEO services would ensure that we have a page dedicated to targeting those search terms.

A major part of onsite SEO services is making sure that all of the content is unique and that the other onsite SEO elements such as the Title Tag target and the variations of the keywords bring in a decent amount of traffic.

With any good SEO campaign you will know/find that onsite SEO services aren’t the only thing that is required. You have to have a good amount of high-quality links giving your website power; this is known as offsite SEO. A lot of SEO companies who are new to this industry might fall down at this part which is why a lot of their clients end up getting their fingers burnt when there are little to no rankings achieved. – We have, fortunately, built up our resources of links over the years so offsite SEO is a strength of ours rather than a weakness.

Your SEO Campaign

Mainly we have companies coming to us who want us to do their full SEO however, we do have people coming who want us to take care of their offsite SEO or who want us to make small onsite changes to improve their website.

There are endless benefits of coming to us for our SEO services, we have listed some of these below.

  1. We can give you an expert SEO opinion by giving you a one off audit of your campaign
  2. Our service is completely tailored to suit your requirements without the massive overheads
  3. We only take on one client in an industry in an area, so you don’t have to worry about us doing SEO for one of your competitors
  4. We don’t tie you into a contract with us, so if you want to leave us at any point then you are free to do so


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Contact us today to find out more about our SEO services. Just give us a call on 0141 280 2411.