Services Provided by WooCommerce SEO Professionals

WooCommerce is a popular content management system that is used by various SEO service providers to improve the content of the websites of the companies involved in ecommerce business. Some of the services provided by WooCommerce SEO professionals are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

1. SEO Audits

Before starting marketing of an ecommerce store WooCommerce SEO professional ensures the readiness of the website for its marketing. They audit the complete website to find out issues in it and fixing them as much as possible. Some of the common issues found in an ecommerce site may include Meta issues, Visibility issues, issues related to links, content, images and semantic issues etc.

2: Research for marketing of ecommerce site

It can help in finding out the products searched online by the targeted audience of the site. WooCommerce SEO can understand the things better by doing such analysis with the help of the answers of the queries asked by the researchers. It helps them in recognizing the targeted audience and their intention to search online. The researchers can also get ideas to improve the content of the ecommerce site by knowing the keywords searched by the targeted audience. The analysis of data can also help in improving the rate of conversion by identifying the doubts, fears and uncertainties of their audience.

3: Start of Content marketing and building brand

After completing initial steps, WooCommerce SEO professional can help in increasing the power of ecommerce website on the whole. He will help the site in using relevant keywords to improve its rank on the search engine result pages and to attract more and more traffic of targeted audience to it. Your website will be ready for marketing when it complies with the best practices of ecommerce SEO and is optimized fully. The experts of WooCommerce techniques will work on a number of factors discussed here under to achieve the goal of driving traffic to ecommerce site and increasing its rank on SERP.

Development of content: They rewrite the content of the site to curate the page of the product according to the level and category of the brand. They will also include info-graphics, in-depth articles, educational articles and interviews of influencers to improve the content of the site.

Building brand: They will meet bloggers, webmasters, journalists and writers personally to produce powerful backlinks in the form of featured articles and things that tell about your brand.

Developing knowledge: They will make your website instructional by including the probable answers to solve the problems of your targeted audience.

Social marketing: They will submit information about your products through social marketing platforms

Validation by third party: They will use third party websites to generate real reviews for your products

Content marketing: They will use social and local platforms for advertising your brand and driving traffic to your website by improving its content including articles, interviews or info-graphics etc.

Optimization of conversion rate: They will monitor the performance of your website on weekly basis and analyze the data collected to improve your conversion rate by using the best SEO practices

Consistent technical audits: They will check the broken links, errors, factors affecting ranking and duplicate content to improve the performance of your ecommerce site.

Thus, WooCommerce SEO professional can help in improving the performance of an ecommerce website through a variety of its services.